Kimii-dera Temple

Structures with gorgeous red decoration and solemn Buddhist images are pleasure to the eye Kimii-dera temple was founded in 770 by a holy priest Iko coming from China. This is a prestigious historic t Read more

Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine

  In ancient Japanese, “Kumano” means a deep or profound place, indicating a mystical place or one where a deity exists. Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine is the top shrine of the more than Read more

Toko-ji Temple     Religious     Kansai     +81 838-26-1052

  There are still records that indicate that there were once many buildings of the Toko-ji temple located on the banks of the Yunotani-gawa. All that remains of the temple at the present time, ho Read more


      Religious     Kansai     0735-42-0009

  The beautiful Power Spot (location with mystical energy) adorned with cherry blossoms and colored leaves has the largest Otorii in Japan Oyunohara spreads behind the largest Torii Gate in Japan Read more

Kamikura-jinja Shrine

      Religious     Kansai     0735-22-2533

  Kamikura-jinja Shrine is on Mt. Kamikurayama. To visit the shrine, you must climb steep stepping stones built by assembling natural stones. You would be panting heavily after climbing the 538 s Read more

Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine

  During the 10th-12th centuries, a belief had spread that ones prayers would be answered if one paid a visit to the Kumano region located south of the city of Kyoto. This journey of faith to Kum Read more