Chogosonshi-ji Temple

A temple founded by Prince Shotoku, where tigers greet visitors About Chogosonshi-ji Temple: Chougosonshiji Temple has vast grounds in the middle of Mount Shigi, the name of which means a &ldquo Read more

Yakushi-ji Temple

About Yakushi-ji Temple: Yakushi-ji was built in the year 680 by the Emperor Tenmu, praying for a cure to the illness of Uno-no-Sararahime-Miko (Empress under Emperor Tenmu, and later the Empres Read more

Kinpusen-ji Temple (Zao-do)

  About Kinpusen-ji Temple (Zao-do): Kinpusen-ji, located on Yoshino-yama in Nara Prefecture, is believed to have been built in the latter half of the 7th century by Enno-ozunu, founder and Read more

Kinpu Shrine

      Religious     Nara     +81 746-32-3081

  A quiet place with a variety of seasonal flowersA shrine for mountain asceticism registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site   About Kinpu Shrine: Kinpu shrine is dedicated to Mount Y Read more

Yoshimizu-jinja Shrine

  The setting of many historical dramasWith stunning vista of cherry blossoms   About Yoshimizu-jinja Shrine: Mt. Yoshino in the south of Nara is famous for cherry blossom viewing. Yos Read more

Kasuga Taisha Shrine

  Kasuga Taisha was built in 768 by Lord Fujiwara, a man of influence in those days, by the order of Emperor Shotoku. It is unique in that it enshrines four gods from important shrines around Read more